Single Sided Wall Mounted Light Box KD60

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Newest LED technology

  • The KD60 extrusion forms a 60mm deep, 38mm wide an illuminated light box frame
  • Particularly useful for large light boxes as the 60mm depth, although still very thin, allows back lighting with the use of LEDs
  • Backlit LED light boxes can be made larger than edge lit ones with the added benefit of increased brightness and more even illumination
  • Can be mounted in any indoor location, including retail wall space and trade show exhibition systems
  • From the front the poster display is completely frameless
  • Only a 60mm (depth) section of aluminium extrusion is seen from the side
  • Image extends from edge to edge, covering 100% of the space used
  • Colour options include silver. Custom colours also available.


  • 60mm deep and 38mm wide aluminium extrusion
  • Sizes from A4 up to currently 3080 x 1040mm or 2460 x 1240mm, larger sizes possible soon.
  • Extruded profiles are joined together with easily fitted screw corners
  • Standard are LED Edge lit panels, but EdgeMax backlit LEDs or an
  • LED matrix is also an option.
  • The power supply can be housed in the light box if the 50 x 50 matrix option or back lit EdgeMax LEDs are used.
  • Free standing or suspended
  • Fabric print is held in place by silicone beading which is stitched along the perimeter of the stretch fabric.
  • Double sided option if not wall mounted Lit or non-lit Easily assebled by handy man