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Single Sided Wall Mounted Fabric Light Box KS90AF45

Single Sided Wall Mounted Fabric Light Box KS90AF45

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From the front this fabric poster display appears completely frameless

  • The KS90AF45 extrusion is 90mm wide and forms an illuminated light box fabric poster frame
  • Dimensionally stable and universally applicable for a host of uses
  • Can be mounted in any indoor location, including retail wall space and trade show exhibition systems
  • Only a 90mm (depth) section of aluminium extrusion is seen from the side
  • Image extends from edge to edge, covering 100% of the space used
  • Different lighting options include Penta Wide and back lit EdgeMax options for back lighting
  • Edge lit panels can also be used if necessary
  • LEDs are normally placed on the 2 long sides for units up to 2m wide
  • For units up to 3m wide 2 strings of TE EdgeMax LEDs are placed on each long side
  • For brighter light boxes LEDs can be placed on all 4 sides
  • Colour option: Silver 
  • Custom colours are also available


  • 90mm deep
  • Fabric print is held in place by silicone beading which is stitched along the perimeter of the stretch fabric
  • 49mm wide at the rear
  • Sizes from A4 up to 10m x 3m
  • LED strips or matrix
  • LED system only uses 33% of the electricity of a traditional fluorescent lighting system
  • LEDs will outlast the fluorescent tubes 5 times
  • LEDs produce very little heat
  • Can be delivered in kit form, thus saving space and money for packaging and shipping
  • Extruded profiles are joined together with easily fitted screw corners